About Me

My name is Elijah Gartin and I am an Information Technology Professional/Entrepreneur, Student, Veteran, and avid Sports Man. I work as a Programming Analyst with Kaiser Permanente and own an IT solutions company on the side. I have many areas of interest that keep my life moving at a fast pace while I am constantly striving to learn as much as possible.

2014 was a great year. During this year I worked full time at Kaiser Permanente as a Programming Analyst. My efforts among several projects internally gained me recognition to receive an award that roughly 0.5% of the employees receive each year. The award is called “Living the Mission” and it’s basically equivalent to the MVP award. I am so grateful for my team because I wouldn’t have had such success or recommendations without their hard work and integrity.

I’m slowly studying for the GMAT as I look onward to start a dual master’s program from the University of Colorado – Denver Campus. Hopefully within the next ten years I will have a MSIS (Masters in Information Systems) and a MBA (Masters of Business Administration). I’m also venturing to study for some certifications. These include MCSE, MCSA, MCSD, and Linux+. I’m mainly interested to gain more practical knowledge to continue to leverage tools for business intelligence use.

It’s good to be alive, I work for a great company, and I have 4 great companies growing on the side.

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Brief Bio:

Computer Information Systems Major
Completion Date: Dec 2012
Certificates in:

Occupation:  Information Technology Professional

Favorite OS:  Mac OSX

Favorite Subjects:  Computers, Space, Sports

Favorite Journal:  Popular Science

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Rocky Mountains