Elijah Gartin’s Résumé


My goal is to obtain a position where I can learn and grow in Computer Information Technology.


Broadcom/Rally Software – Senior DevOps Engineer : 6/2021 – Present

RSA Security, LLC – Senior Technical Consultant / DevOps Engineer 1/2017 – 2/2021

  • Built out dynamic Cyber Range with the NetWitness SIEM with AWS. Created dynamic capabilities to train, teach, and examine how malware and other threats navigate through corporate networks and infrastructure by building them with code in the cloud to replicate and simulate real world scenarios.
    • Owned project from end to end, starting at conception to delivering to customer. Includes Project Management, Product Procurement, Technical Documentation, Video Production, Threat Intelligence, Reverse Engineering, Scenario Building, Programming, Automating, Support, Maintenance, and Training customers and instructors.
      • Scenario Examples:
        • Apache Struts Exploit
          • Python Reverse Shell
          • Exploit custom written to avoid detection of the SIEM.
          • Vulnerable Website converted to run in a docker container.
        • Insider Threat Attack
          • Powershell and Batch Scripts
          • Written to require heavy use of logs to find the malicious actor
        • Social Engineering Attack
          • Reverse Engineered Word Macro Document (Dridex)
          • Re-purposed njRAT (Remote Access Trojan) to masquerade as TeamViewer.
    • Used several of the AWS services to automate and create realistic cloud business infrastructure.
      • EC2, ECS, S3, VPC, Route53, IAM, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Lambda, Certificate Manager, etc.
    • Developed cyber range using DevOps practices with Git, Bash, PowerShell, Python, Docker, and Terraform.
      • Terraform:
        • Created Proof of Concepts with Terraform, CloudFormation, and Puppet evaluated them for operational, cultural, technical, economic, schedule, and legal factors for the Cyber Range.
        • Terraform was chosen as a primary driver with economic and cultural factors weighed heavily.
        • Built modularized codebase to enable a base configuration cyber range that could have scenario modules plugged in and played live at the instructor’s discretion.
        • Bootstrapped Windows and Linux machines using Cloud-init with powershell and bash scripts.
          • Automated NetWitness SIEM Install and Configuration.
          • Automated Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange installations.
          • Automated Docker Builds for vulnerable websites to be attacked.
          • Automated attacker machines to run python scripts to exploit vulnerable machines.
          • Automated ability to RDP/SSH/VNC into environment machines.
          • Automated web server build for Capture the Flag gamification of the environment.
        • Automated load balancing, domain assignments, and SSL provisioning of all external facing components in the environment.
    • Implemented CI/CD pipeline proof of concepts with Jenkins and CircleCI pulling from Github repositories and running functional test to ensure quality code was deployed to production environments.
    • Iterated enhancements and reduced initial costs over 59% of initial venture to bring this new capability to the training arsenal and helping RSA advance NetWitness into the cloud SaaS space.
  • Global NetWitness Developer/Instructor/Speaker in analysis to hunting and advanced cyber defense curriculum.
    • NetWitness Platform Security Information and Event Management with Packets, Logs, and Endpoint data
    • Advanced Cyber Defense Curriculum for Hunting, Incident Response, and Malware Analysis

Kaiser Permanente – Senior IT Engineer 2/2013 – 1/2017

  • Monitored, maintained, designed, and configured several applications and databases across 7 geographical regions including 38 hospitals and even more medical office buildings.
  • Applications: Aegis Point of Care Testing, Alaris CareFusion Large Volume Pump, Philips iEM (Emergin), Capsule DataCaptor, GE CPN Fetal Monitoring, Philips iECG, Natus Neuroworks EEG, Medtronic Paceart Optima, Extension Engage
  • Systems: Windows Server 2003-2012 – Application and SQL Servers || Linux Redhat Enterprise
  • Built scripts to reduce manual administration time utilizing CLI in Windows and Linux.
  • Built reports and dashboards for BI purposes utilizing SharePoint as the dissemination tool using C#, HTML, CSS, JS.
  • Designed, governed, and built SharePoint websites

    Project Examples:

  • Tech Lead for EEG (Electroencephalograph) Project in Southern California implementing Natus Neuroworks
    • Designed and built system architecture for a centralized virtual solution. Saved project over $100,000.
    • Successfully implemented multiple facilities onto the new centralized solution with rave reviews from the system users.
  • Tech Lead for Cardiology Project implementing Medtronic Paceart Optima Nationwide
    • Stepped in to provide a more agile and redundant architecture for this project. Utilized an F5 in failover capability to reduce system downtime by enabling the system to self-recover.
    • Successfully implemented in multiple expansive geographic locations without any change induced incidents.
  • SparkIT Innovation Program – Created two innovative ideas that were approved and were implemented by an Agile team.
  • Lead Annual Patching Efforts and Automation on FDA regulated software residing on large, virtualized infrastructures that serve critical clinical environments with 100% success rate and zero change induced incidents.
  • Lead development team in completely redesigning and restructuring the team’s SharePoint presence through leveraging agile methodologies.
    • Created business specific functions to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in regular operations.
    • Streamlined data presentation, increasing data availability, and data clarity into actionable business intelligence to decrease the time it takes to make effective decisions based on the Business Intelligence.
  • Lead efforts to bring DevOps to the team by breaking down silos and introducing tools like Puppet, Splunk, and Upguard.
  • Lead HIPAA Compliance and Security efforts on multiple applications to ensure safety of medical record information.

Awards: “Caught in the Act Award” – VP CD BIO || “Living the Mission 2014 (MVP)” – SVP CD BIO

Thunder Rock – Owner and Developer 11/2011 – Present

  • Manages day to day operations of the company and works with vendors
  • Manages projects, including team members, deadlines, and other various resources
  • Uses programming knowledge to employ practical solutions for clients from websites to desktop applications
  • Built custom Database applications using XBasic in Alpha Five Software (QReportBuilder)
  • Actively supporting applications built with variety of languages.
  • Create virtual solutions that leverage technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, jQuery, Objective-C, Java, and many more. Utilizes Amazon Web Services and other distributed cloud solutions to serve virtual solutions.


    • Raising the level at which my clients operate. Increasing efficiency, security, profit, and customer satisfaction are a few of the top categories we help by leveraging the latest technologies to fit in each individual environment.

Finished Projects:

  • Custom Website – Metro State Club Baseball – Custom Built Theme and Functionality
  • Micro Site – Denver Metro Chamber
  • WordPress/HTML Framework Integration – MavenAdvisers.com (HTML and WordPress CMS)
  • WordPress/HTML Framework Integration – WillOsagiede.com (HTML and WordPress CMS)
  • Custom Quickbooks Reports – B2B CFO : Custom Reports using QReportBuilder and AlphaFive Software
  • WordPress Rebuild – African Leadership Group
  • Pacific Modern Language Association
  • Custom Website – Thunder-rock.com
  • Custom Website – Thunderrockgaming.com
  • Custom Website – Rockgartin.com

Web Development Outsourcing:

Lead Web Developer for Techologic

  • Builds Websites for various companies
  • Uses HTML, CSS, PHP, JS and ASP knowledge to employ practical solutions for clients
  • Lead Development for the company’s web development.

    • Webpage Edit and Minor Style Changes – Rennaacupuncture.com (HTML and CSS)
    • Webpage Edit and Logo Redesign – DenverElderLaw.net (HTML and CSS)
    • Webpage Edit – OrientVacations.com (HTML and CSS)
    • Webpage Complete Re-Development – Techologic.com (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
    • Custom Website – ABSPlumbinginc.com (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)
    • Online Travel Agency – DIARides (ASP, MS SQL, HTML, and CSS)

University of Denver – Classroom Support Technician 07/2011 – 02/2012

  • Managed website design and functionality by incorporating many advanced techniques to automate daily functions.
  • Streamlined inventory process through spreadsheet and database techniques for a better tracking system and to ensure quality control
  • over thousands of dollars of inventory.
  • Provided quality customer support to classrooms all over the Denver University campus.
  • Assisted in managing the classroom support employees, i.e. Scheduling, Tasking, etc.

Metropolitan State University of Denver – Lead Tutor 06/2010 – 11/2011

  • Provided quality tutoring for students that required help in: Astronomy, Computer Information Systems, and Business Mathematics.
  • Assisted in managing the tutoring staff as the Lead Tutor in Business and Computer Information Systems.
  • Evaluated other tutors and mentored them to improve each individual’s abilities.

United States Army Reserves – Intelligence Analyst 03/2008 – 10/2016

  • Prepares all source intelligence products to support the combat commander.
  • Receives and processes incoming reports and messages and determines significance and reliability of information.
  • Assembles and Proofreads intelligence reports and assists in consolidating them into military intelligence.


Metropolitan State University of Denver 08/2009 – 05/2013

US Army/Cochise College -Associates of Applied Science 2009-2011

  • Major: Intelligence Operations with a GPA of 4.0
  • Honor Graduate


  • Advanced Computing Skills in using Windows, Windows Server 2003-2012, Macintosh, Macintosh Server, and Linux (Ubuntu Distro) Client and Server Platforms
  • Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, Word, Publisher, Visio, Project, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6: Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Systems Language Knowledge in HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, ASP, VB, C#, Ruby, XBasic, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PL/SQL
  • Virtualization Experience with VMware, vSphere, VirtualBox, Windows Virtual PC
  • Builds and Repairs Computers